From MDA meeting March 4th 2020


  1. Quo Vadis Dive Resort
  2. Savedra Dive Center
  3. Kasai Village Resort
  4. Asian Belgian Resort
  5. B. Ocean Blue
  6. Neptune Dive Centre
  7. Lion Dive Centre
  8. June Dive
  9. Emerald Green Diving Center
  10. Tik Tiki Divers Resort
  11. Magic Island
  12. Cebu Fun Divers
  13. Club Hari Dive Resort
  14. Cebu Dive Centre
  15. Blue Orchid
  16. Amigos Dive Centre
  17. Blue Abyss Dive Shop
  • John Dutton (Quo Vadis DR) welcomed all and outlined the basic aim of meeting;

“To present the concept of forming a new and inclusive alliance group of all diving centers within the municipality of Moalboal.”

  • Following a presentation of the above, summarizing current status of local diving community, benefits of a cooperative group (association) and way forward to form a collaborative group, the consensus of attendees agreed creating a new “association” would be a positive move forward for the local dive center businesses.
  • It was acknowledged that with 17 of the 33 registered Dive centers attending this meeting, for the association to succeed, the remaining centers should be involved.
  • The proposal of creating a formal association was agreed, to launch group it was also agreed that Jamie Gladwin (Magic Island) will act as President and John Dutton as acting Secretary. At a later date when all dive centers are members, these positions (plus any identified others) would be reviewed to fill with elected candidates.
  • In preparation, Lee Butler (Savedra Dive Center) is creating a “Moalboal Dive Association” website to allow easy communication for the group.

Action Items

  1. John to contact and invite all remaining dive centers by 31/March/2020
  2. John to Circulate via email to all attendees by 08/March/2020
  3. Lee to Upload minutes/Presentation etc by 15/March/2020

The date of the next meeting is 4th April at 6:30 pm, the venue once again is Quo Vadis Dive Resort. The link for the event is here.

The powerpoint presentation notes have been saved as a PDF and can be downloaded from here.