As recently discussed in the group chat, it is now possible for Dive Centers to apply for permission to conduct maintenance dives. These dives can be used to carry out essential work on mooring lines, or similar activities you deem necessary.

It is important to note that an application must be submitted, and approved, prior to any dives being carried out, and the activities must be as described in the application, and by the person(s) stated.

You can download a copy of the application here, once complete please submit it to Mr. Rolly Alderite at Moalboal municipal for consideration and approval. You can view a sample of a completed application here.

To prevent delays caused by incomplete paperwork, and misunderstandings between dive center and LGU staff, it seems the easiest way to get consent to dive is to submit your request to MDA secretary John Dutton, he will forward that for you. You can contact John by email here, or via messenger.